Sunday, February 05, 2006

'Wally World' powder

We didn't get the anticipated big storm last night - only three or four inches of new snow - so I didn't rush out early today. That suits me fine because as much as I'm hopelessly addicted to the thrill of first tracks in fresh powder, I'm not a morning person - anything that involves getting out of bed before 8 am is what I consider an early start, especially on a Sunday.

After beginning around 10.15 am with a run down Vagabond and Surprise I jumped on the Storm Peak Express to see what I could find on Big Meadow. Unfortunately it was cold, very foggy and windy at the top and the fresh powder wasn't nearly deep enough to make it worthwhile.

The I remembered that the place to go the day after a powder day is what the locals call 'Wally World', the area serviced by the Sunshine Chair which is all lower intermediate terrain. On a powder day the focus is on skiing harder runs elsewhere on the mountain while the lower intermediates on Wally World tend to stay away from the powder and out of the trees, meaning the day after there's still plenty of nice stashes to be found. I found some great lines in the trees between Tomahawk and Quickdraw and between Sunshine Lift Line and Flintlock.

Then I hooked up with Matt from Huntsville, Alabama and we decided to try some more of the same followed by High Noon/Two O'Clock/Daybreak and then Closet which was the best run of the day.

By then Matt needed to head down to meet his wife and my hunger overcame my desire to keep skiing so it was a quick run down Vagabond to the Christie Chair and Sitz/See Ya to the 1.02 pm Green Line bus which I timed perfectly.

Now I'm going to sit down and watch the Super Bowl. I like Pittsburgh by 10. But if I'm wrong, remember I'm an Aussie. What do I know about American Football?

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