Friday, July 20, 2012

Keeping sci-fi real

One of the things I set out to do when writing Newton's Ark, was to keep the science part of the science fiction plausible, by basing the technology of the future either on already emerging technologies or at least on plausible projections of current technology trends.

This article on taking control of drones by spoofing GPS signals is a good example.

Here's the relevant section in the book:
“The early drones worked exactly that way, Major. They were vulnerable; if communication is disrupted the drone is pilot-less. Worse still, if the signal is intercepted it is possible for a hostile force to take control of the drone. Back as far as 2012 the Iranians captured what was then one of our most advanced drones by spoofing a GPS signal. They convinced the drone that it was landing back at its base in Turkey when it was really landing in Teheran. Incidents like that were the impetus for the EM program."

Saturday, July 07, 2012

New book format

Newton's Ark is now available via Smashwords in EPUB format suitable for iBooks, the Nook and the Sony eReader.

It should also be available via iTunes, Barnes and Noble and the Sony Store within the next week or two.

Update July 18: It is now available on iTunes (and looks great in iBooks on the iPad) but not yet on the other channels.

Update: July 21: It is now available in the Barnes and Noble store for the Nook.