Friday, February 24, 2006

Leonie's first day

Our friend Leonie from Australia arrived Wednesday night and today was her first day skiing this season. Day 1 for Leonie, Day 46 for me and Day 10 for my wife Marie.

Here's Marie on the right and Leonie on the left.

We spent some time breaking our heads over ticket prices trying to figure out the best deal before realising that Leonie is old enough for the Super Senior deal at $28 per day which made it easy.

Today was an easy introduction to the mountain with plenty of cruising in Wally World, but we did over 10,000 vertical feet - I hope I'm up to that on my first day of the season when I'm in my 70's!

As I mentioned last Sunday, I didn't ski this week, but not because I was away. I had a rerun of the same $%&*# chest infection I had a few weeks ago so I had to cancel my trip.

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