Sunday, February 19, 2006

One for the road

With the President's Day holiday crowds in town I probably wouldn't have gone out today except that I'm going to be in DC the next four days and needed one last skiing fix, but in the end the conditions exceeded my expectations. There was a couple of inches of new snow overnight. On the groomers that was just enough to see your tracks, but in the trees that was on top of a fairly soft base so it was quite nice.

The best run of the day was definitely Closet/Shadows/Lights Out which I also did on Friday, but there's a thousand different lines between the trees so this was quite different. I skied that with Amy from Sydney who I was showing around the mountain, although I think she was still adjusting the altitude, so I hope I didn't push her too hard.

It's still snowing so it's looking like a powder day tomorrow. I'm on a morning flight so I'll miss that which is disappointing, but I've slightly strained my left quad and need to rest it anyway, which I know I wouldn't have the discipline to do it I was here!

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