Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another perfect day in paradise

It's another truly awesome day in Steamboat - blue skies, warm sun and plenty of snow.

Since it hasn't snowed since Monday it was definitely a day for cruising. The snow is softening nicely in the sun making it easly to carve long, smooth curves.

I started out with Leonie in a big line at the Gondola and then on to Rudi's and Blizzard to the Storm Peak Express, Cowboy Coffee down to the Morningside Chair, Crowtrack, Buddy's and Tornado Lane to the BC Chair and finally Tower, Heavenly Daze, Jess's Cutoff and Vogue back to the base where Leonie called it a day.

Back on to the Gondola for a quick run down upper Vagbond and some bumps on Surprise before taking the Storm Peak Express to hook up with Aussies Amy and her dad Bill for some cruising in Wally World and a trip through the trees between Flintlock and Quickdraw. On the way home we took Westside - which was as crowded as I've ever seen it- to the Elkhead Chair then a high speed run down Valley View to avoid the Heavenly Daze crowds with a Lower Valley View chaser.

Update: I forgot to mention I rode the Storm Peak Express with another Steamboat virtual worker who is a Hollywood writer and was previously a producer on the television series Matlock.

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