Monday, February 13, 2006

Thanks Dick, but no thanks

I haven't blogged on political issues for a while, mostly because I allowed myself to despair that the headlong rush to take away our freedoms seems unstoppable, and worse, that nobody really seems to care that their liberty is being lost.

Then along comes the news of Dick Cheney's hunting accident for some light relief.

Maybe this was the VP's attempted contribution to reducing the exploding Medicare bill - kill off some old geysers.

Seriously, I do feel for the guy he shot in the face. I only wish the injuries Cheney and his cabal are inflicting on our liberties were as superficial.

Update: For an incredibly funny take, check out this segment from Jon Stewart's Daily Show. It's merciless, which is more mercy than Cheney deserves. Remember, he's the pinup boy for an administration that says, "Don't worry about the Bill of Rights because you can trust us. We don't make mistakes (except shooting our friends in the face of course)."

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