Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Valentine

Tonight Marie and I celebrated our 21st Valentine's Day together with dinner at a local restaurant - Panichelli's in the Thunderhead Lodge. It's not our favourite one but it's relatively new and we haven't tried it before. Verdict: the food is not bad for the price and the atmosphere is quite cosy.

In those 21 years we've managed to spend every special occasion (Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year, our anniversary and our birthdays) together. The lowlight was definitely Christmas 1990 which we both spent in a hospital a long way from home after being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident.

Every day together since then has been a bonus and the highlights are many including in recent times skiing on our birthdays, but most special are probably our tenth anniversary celebrated at the Sayan Four Seasons resort in Bali, Marie's 40th birthday spent in Paris, and our anniversary in 2004 celebrated in the French Quarter of New Orleans which we are so glad to have visited before the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

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