Sunday, February 12, 2006

A perfect February day

Today was perfect - well as perfect as a day can be when there's no fresh powder. It started out very cold this morning but by the time I headed out around noon the thermometer was pushing 32 F or O C which sounds cold, but with no wind and lots of sun is actually very, very nice.

I skied a lot of bumps today (Norther, BC Liftline, Rolex, Priest Creek Liftline, Storm Peak), along with a tree run (namely Twilight which I am really taking a liking to) and of course some groomers.

I was all done after 2 1/2 hours. I'm finding that as I ski more and my conditioning improves, I simply ski harder, so I'm just as tired after two or three hours as I was at the beginning of the season. Of course I've done a lot more.

In addition to the normal trail map, I'm adding a new pespective today. I've marked the runs I skied on a photo of the mountain taken from my study window. Of course it's only the runs you can see from here (you'll need to click the photo to enlarge it).

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