Friday, August 26, 2005

Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive

There's a reality series currently running on E! called Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive. It's set in Steamboat Springs which is reason enough for me to watch it despite my general disdain for the whole reality genre. But to its credit it also avoids what I see as the real evil of reality TV which is that most of it is based on creating incentives for the participants to lie, cheat and backstab and generally demonstrate the very worst in human nature in order to satisfy their greed.

The basic premise is to take a bunch of spoiled offspring of the rich and famous and put them to work on a cattle ranch. I would struggle physically with some of what these people are being asked to do because I'm a fair bit older and flabbier, but heaven help me, I wouldn't complain endlessly that camping out on the trail was not quite up to the Four Seasons standards they so obviously feel entitled to. But I suppose that's what makes it so entertaining.

I'll provide further information in later posts as the series progresses.

Update: later reviews of Episodes 1-4, Episode 5, Episode 7


Anonymous said...

No,Its more important to you to complain about having to watch bad TV than do hard physical labor.Get real pudgie. Youd be complaining too.

Steamboat Lion said...

Actually, I wasn't complaining about bad TV - in fact I said it was enteraining. And I know I wouldn't be complaining because I grew up on a farm and then served in the military and did all this stuff without a worry (20 years and 30 pounds ago)

Anonymous said...

Growing up i had to struggle to get what my family needed to survive. i had a job at 14, dealt with a father with a mental disorder, and now i'm a single mom of two children, one is 3 the other is 5 months. i think if i can do all this on my own, without complaining, for what will be atleast a 21 year duration, i think that a bunch of spoiled, self-riteous brats can shut up and do the job that they signed up to do, espically when someone elses livelyhood and life depends on it. QUIT USING MUMMY AND DADDY AS A CRUTCH, AND GET A CLUE ON WHAT LIFE IS REALLY LIKE!!!!!!

Anonymous said... two....pat on the back for each. Now quit complaining and turn the channel

Anonymous said...

What kind of idiot is Haley Giraldo, saying "I just love everything about Fabian!" after his repulsive verbal attacks against sweet Alexander Clifford, the young British gentlemen who made the mistake of going on the same "Filthy Rich Cattle Drive" with Fabian Basabe?

Whoever coined the phrase "dumb blonde" was definitely talking about Haley Giraldo! How Haley could just sit there on Fabian's lap and smile the entire time Fabian was verbally assaulting Alexander Clifford for no reason at all except the fact Fabian is a schoolyard bully (coward), tells me Haley is in dire need of a lobotomy! I guess that's what happens to a young girl when she has potheads for parents and they don't teach her the difference between wrong and right!

I feel sorry for any man stupid enough to marry Haley! I think the only man likely to marry her will either be Fabian Basabe or another young man with the same Napoleon Bonaparte complex Fabian has!

It's really scary to realize that people like Fabian and Haley will one day be running our country! Dear Jesus, please rapture us back home before that ever happens!