Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Looks vs taste

Has anyone noticed how as fruit and vegetables have become more and more perfect in appearance they've become less and less satisfying in taste?

I bought some Colorado peaches recently because they didn't look perfect and I so thought they might taste good. I've just tried one and I wasn't disappointed. Actually, since they're from Colorado I should have known they'd be good anyway!

I think this is a metaphor for much that is wrong with our society. We all too easily fall into the trap of judging things by their appearance rather than making the extra effort to judge them by their substance. We do it with relationships (how else can attractive but stupid and self-centred women find husbands or good looking but insensitive, career-obsessed men find wives), we do it with houses (where size and the number of rooms seems more important than functionality) and we especially do it with politicians as I observed recently.

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