Tuesday, August 16, 2005

That's not broadband...

...this is broadband (apologies to Crocodile Dundee).

The Australian telecommunications minister Helen Coonan is reported today defending the quality of broadband services in Australia.

I've got news for you Minister Coonan. As much as the prophets of doom in the US are shouting from the rooftops how the US is falling behind places like South Korea in the broadband race, they ought to see the nonsense that passes for broadband in Australia. I was flabbergasted on a recent visit to see my friends and relatives in Australia's third largest city paying $30 a month for 256K! "Fraudband" is more like it.

And on top of that they've got a 200 meg a month download limit (not that you could easily use that up with such a pathetic speed). Compare that to the 4 meg with unlimited download that I get for $40 a month out here in a small rural town in Colorado. And I can't even explain to my American friends what a download limit so foreign is the concept.

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