Monday, August 01, 2005

What's with the Google Ads?

You may have noticed that there's some Google ads on the right of my blog page. July 17 marked the first time that this actually generated revenue - a grand total of 69 cents! Since this has exceeded my revenue expectations by exactly 69 cents, you may be asking why I put them there.

Well the thing you need to know about computer geeks if you're not one, is that they love to play around with new stuff, see how it works and see what they can make it do. So we do a lot of stuff with computers for no other reason than to see if we can. Some of it turns out to be of no value beyond the inherent challenge (and bragging rights with the other geeks). Some of it ends up changing the world, like Google's ad technologies which have that 'hey wow, how did they do that?' factor in spades and are fundamentally changing the whole process and business model of advertising.

Cool stuff that's changing the world - that's something I really can't resist taking a closer look at. What better way than putting it on my own blog and watching what happens. I don't know who you are but you shall be forever immortalised as the first person to click on my ads!

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