Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Real vs virtual spam

You'd think from the attention it receives that the burning issue of the 21st century is email spam. I've never understood what all the fuss was about. Come on, how long does it really take to hit the 'delete' button? Most of these emails are so dumb you don't even need to open them to know that they're crap.

What I really, really, really hate is real spam - the sort that arrives by snail mail - especially those "pre-approved" credit card offers which are actually not pre-approved and which provide the perfect opportunity for identity thieves to perpetrate their evil. It takes me several times longer to open and shred these than it takes to delete my email spam.

Although I receive dozens of these offers every week hell will freeze over before I ever respond to one. Let me tell you why:

  1. I don't do business with people who lie to me. "Pre-approved" does not mean "subject to a credit report" in any version of English used on this planet
  2. If I want a credit card, I'll get it from a financial institution, like my bank, or American Express. Why would I want to get a credit card from a second rate airline? It's bad enough having to fly with them. I'd rather they turn their attention to trying to run a decent airline. And I especially don't want a Disney branded credit card. What am I, five f...ing years old (in which case why the hell would I need a credit card?)
  3. It's the 21st century. Is indiscriminate snail mail really the best
    marketing strategy these guys can come up with?

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