Thursday, September 01, 2005

Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive - Update (contains spoilers)

I blogged previously on a new reality series, Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, set in my home town of Steamboat Springs. Well we're now four episodes in and here are the highlights:

  • Biggest threat to civilization as we know it: Confiscating the brat's cell phones (at least that's what they seem to think)
  • Biggest dummy spit (1): Three of the brats got fed up and went AWOL. They were found at our local cinema
  • Grossest scene: checking the cows to see if they're pregnant
  • Best line: the trail boss Joshua describing the Ecuadorian brat (Fabian) as "a ten year old in a man's body"

The celebrities are beginning to divide clearly into two groups - those who are willing to make an effort and the whiners. The first group consists of Noah Blake, George Foreman III, Alexander (the English lord) and to some extent Alex Quinn (I'd be more positively inclined to like him if he hadn't inherited his father's tendencies towards being a slimey womaniser). Amongst the girls I have some hope for Courtney Semel, and the Incredible Hulk's daughter if she can learn to control her aggression, but the other two are such stereotypes of vacuous, spoilt, lazy bimbos it's beyond amusing.

A couple of interesting facts about the ranch where this is set. The ranch owner (Wayne Iacovetto) is the third generation in the Yampa Valley. His grandfather settled here from Sicily in the nineteenth century. Highly recommended in the winter is their "steak and sleigh" rides which involve taking a horse drawn sleigh out to a cabin the woods (seen in the first episode) where you're served a traditional cowboy meal, including Wayne's own special recipe for cowboy beans which my brother-in-law managed to wrangle from him last winter (yes, I know that was a terrible pun, but I couldn't resist) but still hasn't cooked!

(1) In Australia a baby's pacifier is called a "dummy". Imagine the baby deciding it's not going to co-operate and spitting out the dummy. Thus when adults decide in a dramatic manner not to co-operate we call it a "dummy spit".

Update: later reviews of Episode 5, Episode 7


Anonymous said...

I was a full-time Texas Cattle Rancher for 14 yrs. During my entire lifetime, I have NEVER seen as big an ASSHOLE on Planet Earth (other than my Ex-Husband), than Fabian Basabe!

There's NO WAY Fabian could have SUED the RANCH OWNERS for throwing a bucket of WATER on him! Fabian is NOTHING more than a SCHOOLYARD BULLY who is USED to getting his own WAY by THREATENING people. Had I been there, I would GLADY have THROWN that BUCKET of WATER in his FACE to COOL that sucker DOWN!

Come on, Fabian, GO AHEAD and THREATEN to SUE me! You CAN'T squeeze BLOOD out of a GRAPE, so go ahead and SUE!

Anonymous said...

Fabian is the saddest excuse for a celebrity (oh, excuse me, I meant human being) I have ever seen. Young women of Hollywood watch and learn. There is no happiness in the future for this self centered, surly, baby, not for him or for anyone who has the misfortune to be around him! Avoid him like the plague, money or not. His parents should be ashamed.