Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Storm Peak

Today's skiing consisted of a ride up the gondola, upper Vagabond to the bumps of Surprise which I skied much better today than yesterday, and then six loops on the Storm Peak Express - a high speed run down Buddy's (maximum speed of 43 mph or 70 km/h - I've discovered that this is pretty much the limit on my soft, fat skis) followed by Storm Peak Face to Tornado, Storm Peak Face to Rainbow, upper Buddy's to Tornado, Storm Peak Face to Hurricane and then Storm Peak Face to Sunset and then to upper Vagabond on the way home.

Here's today's track. 15,160 vertical ft (season total 854,860 ft) in 2:03.

I also discovered today that there's a novel called Storm Peak set in Steamboat Springs. It's written by John Flanagan who is an Australian and also a New York Times bestselling author. I'll let you know once I've read it.

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