Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fabulous four

The report at 5 am said four inches at the top and two inches at mid-mountain, but by 8 am it was at least four inches in the valley and still snowing so I was at the gondola at 8:20 am and hoping for more.

Alas, it wasn't to be; four inches was about right. Nevertheless the skiing was excellent. After first tracks on the lower half of BC Liftline, and freshies down a groomed Cyclone, I hit the trees on the Priest Creek face starting with Shadows, then Sundown Liftline, 3:30 and 2:30 trees. A small rest for the legs on 2 O'Clock was followed by Closet where I found a fresh line even at 10:30 am, before hitting Vertigo on the bottom of the mountain on the way home.

Here's today's track. 16,496 vertical ft (season total 1,185,507 ft) in 2:29 (including 15 minutes in the gondola line).

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