Thursday, February 04, 2010


Today Michael and I set out to ride every open lift (that means everything except Priest Creek and the Christie triple which both operate very rarely). It also excludes the magic carpets on the beginner hill since we have to preserve what little dignity we have left!

The route was as follows. Gondola via upper Vagabond and Surprise (just to throw some bumps into the mix) to Pony Express, via Longhorn (horrible today) to Bar UE Chair, via Cowboy Coffee to Morningside, via The Ridge, Buddy's and Tornado Lane to Four Points Chair, via Tornado (very nice) to Storm Peak Express, via Closet (sweet), Sunset and Moonlight to Sundown Express, via Flintlock to Sunshine Express, via Tomahawk to South Peak Chair, via Westside (also horrible today) to Elkhead Chair, via lower Rainbow to Burgess Creek Chair.

We had to bail at that point because my sinuses were giving me hell and my head was about to explode. We figured out that picking up the remaining chairs on the lower mountain (Thunderhead Express, Christie Express, Bashor and Preview) would take at least another 45 minutes making this a four hour challenge unless I can think of a more efficient route before I try again next week.

Here's the track. 14,541 vertical ft (season total 869,221 ft) in 3:02.

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