Friday, February 26, 2010

Awesome Friday

The 5 am report said six inches and I figured that most of that fell late yesterday so I wasn't expecting much other than a little more soft on top of yesterday's four inches. Nevertheless I was out early and at the gondola at 8:15 where the line was pleasingly short.

Turns out that six inches was on the low side. There were definitely places where it was more like ten, and today it was light and fluffy.

First tracks down lower BC liftline was followed by an awesome run of first tracks straight beneath the Four Points chair. Then seeing a long line at Storm Peak I headed further down to the Pony Express.

I haven't spent a lot of time over there this season, but I thought that there might finally be enough snow to make it worthwhile. Was I right or what! And there was barely anyone over there so I got four great runs of freshies before riding Storm Peak up to ski the Bar-UE liftline where the snow was even deeper.

In the trees between Rainbow and Sunset it was deeper still, but the best runs of the day were 3:30 and 2:30 trees (apart from losing a pole somewhere in the deep between Daybreak and High Noon, fortunately on my last run).

Even Valley View and Lower Valley View on the way home were good today.

Here's today's track. 19,136 vertical ft (season total 1,204,643 ft) in 2:53 (including 14 minutes in the gondola line).

We had more snow on New Years Eve, but with much more of a base now it's much better for skiing the trees so this was probably the best day of the season so far. Having said that, I did hit a submerged log over on Pioneer Ridge. Fortunately it was right at the top of a run, I wasn't going very fast, so no damage, just a minor fall.

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