Monday, February 08, 2010

Day 75

Today was my 75th consecutive day on the mountain.

There was an inch or two of new snow this morning but not enough to really make a difference. It was also a lot colder at the top than I expected.

I've been feeling a bit flat the last few days so I set out to take it easy. Despite the fact that I ended up skiing the trees of Closet and Twilight it seems that's what I did because my heart rate didn't get above 125 (my resting rate is about 50 and I have to ski really hard to get it to 145 or 85% of maximum, so that's not quite as slack as it first appears). I was skiing with an Aussie friend who hasn't done a heap of tree skiing so the pace was slow with lots of stops to make sure I didn't lose her.

Here's today's track. 14,042 vertical ft (season total 925,777 ft) in 2:25.

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