Friday, February 19, 2010

It all adds up

The 5 am report said four inches in the past 24 hours and most of that fell during the day yesterday, but when you get a few inches on successive days it adds up into something nice, which was definitely the case today.

I wasn't pressing glass this morning, but I was out early enough that even after a run down upper Vagabond and the bumps of Surprise I was about number ten in the line at the Storm Peak Express. Fortunately everyone in front of me either went the other way or was a snowboarder who had to stop at the top to lock into their board (that's the skiing god's way of getting even with them for the comfortable boots) so I was able to get first tracks down Shadows. It wasn't super deep but it was soft and really got the heart pumping.

After that it was the trees between the Sundown and Priest Creek Liftlines which was sweet, followed by Two O'Clock where I totally pounded the soft bumps to skier's right just like an Olympic mogul skier (in my dreams at least) and then back into the trees to skier's right of Sundown Liftline. I then did some Wally World tress combined with some much improved switch skiing on the groomers followed by the trees between Westside and Broadway which were deep and soft at the top but a bit scrubby toward the bottom.

It was so deserted today I didn't see a single other skier on any of my tree runs.

Here's today's track. 14,454 vertical ft (season total 1,094,289 ft) in 2:13.

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