Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lord of The Bumps

An epic skiing fantasy in three parts (the fantasy being that I can ski bumps well).

Part 1: The Fellowship of the Bumps

Michael and I started out on Surprise thinking that these bumps would be nice and soft after yesterday's new snow. Not really. And they haven't been groomed for a while so they're getting pretty big. We skied them only OK.

Part 2: The Two (Hundred) Bumps

Next up was Steamboat's quintessential bump run, Whiteout. We expected the bumps to be big and ugly and we weren't disappointed. But we probably skied these better that the bumps on Surprise.

Part 3: Return of the Bump King

Just when things were looking grim, Twister came to our rescue. The bumps here still had plenty of soft on top and were a dream to ski compared to what had come before. So nice that we did the top half a second time before heading over to Shadows for a tree run.

Here's today's track. 13,194 vertical ft (season total 839,520 ft) in 2:30.

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