Monday, January 02, 2006

You want me to wait how long?

I just tried ordering some new shirts from an online vendor. I've shopped with them before and I love their stuff but clearly they have really serious supply chain management problems. The items I wanted were unavailable for anything from one to three months. It's particularly dumb to tell me I can't have a turtleneck until April 28; in case they hadn't noticed, that's spring by which time I won't be needing it even here in Steamboat! I wouldn't wait that long for delivery of a new car let alone a shirt.

You've really got to wonder how this could happen. In this age of global supply chains, fast moving firms in the fashion industry can identify a new trend, design a product, have it manufactured in China or wherever, ship it to the US and have it in the stores in less time than that. Perhaps they should change their name from LL Bean to LL Bean-less. Or at least fire the executive responsible.

Anyway it's not my problem because Lands End had men's shirts in stock at the same prices. They got my order.

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