Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mid-week blues (and blacks)

I felt my skiing today was a little flat, a lot like the light, or perhaps I am simply making the mistake of comparing today with the awesome day I had on Monday.

Looked at objectively it was actually quite good. The snow is in good condition, it wasn't particularly cold, and the holiday crowds are well and truly gone. I rode every single chair today by myself. I was out early and tenth in line for the gondola and I did ride with some other people, all of whom were locals, but I barely saw a soul for most of the time I was out.

I started out on Rudi's and Lightning to the Four Points Chair and then took upper Rainbow and Moonlight to the Sundown Express as it opened. A high speed cruise down High Noon took me across to Westside which I can see clearly from my home office window so I made a point today of stopping and sighting my house.

Back up the Sundown Express and I decided to head over to Morningside to see if I could catch a little more sun. It was not to be as the sun quickly disappeared back behind the clouds but I did find some stashes of untracked powder off to the right of Cowboy Coffee.

From the Morningside Chair I took The Ridge, Buddy's and Tornado Lane and then BC Chair. Heading home I took Norther, Rudi's, Vagabond, Betwixt, and BC Skiway, but then decided to make a couple more circuits on the Christie Chair via See Me and Vogue.

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