Saturday, January 28, 2006

If you're not jealous... should be, because it's another awesome powder day in Steamboat (unless of course you're here!)

My wife Marie was kind enough to drop me at the Thunderhead Express which meant I avoided a big queue at the Gondola. Straight on to the chair when it opened at 8.30 am and then a quick run down Rudi's and Blizzard to wait for the Four Points Chair to open. From there it was first tracks on Tornado which had been groomed yesterday so it was a perfect 8-10 inches of fresh powder on top of a silky smooth base.

Then it was over to Pioneer Ridge for some more fresh tracks before dropping into the Bar UE Chair and skiing the trees between Buddy's and the Bar UE lift line. The on to the Storm Peak Express where I met up with Jim and Sue from St Paul, Minnesota and we headed over to the Big Meadow for some more powder. After that it was across to Morningside where the snow was particularly deep before another trip to Big Meadow via The Ridge.

After a quick stop at the Four Points Hut for a hot chocolate we decided to give the other side of mountain a try so we took Rainbow and Moonlight down to the Sundown Express. Even late in the morning the trees between Kuus' Cruise, Three O'Clock and Two O'Clock still had plenty of nice powder lines.

Once Jim and Sue decided they'd had enough I couldn't resist my favourite tree run - Shadows and Lights Out - after which my legs were screaming "time to go home", so I finished off with a leisurely run down Heavenly Daze and See Ya.

My season tally now is 32 days of which today was my lucky thirteenth powder day!

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Gritsforbreakfast said...

Definitely jealous, but my poor knees won't take the ski slopes anymore. Dislocated the left one three times and the right one once, so I'll have to enjoy the powder vicariously. Best,