Saturday, January 07, 2006

Rocky Mountain vista

It was cold today in the valley so I added an extra layer, not realising that we had an inversion and it was actually 15F warmer at the top of the mountain. But better too hot than too cold.

I started out early to avoid the crowds of college kids who fortunately party hard and sleep late. Joined the opening line at the Gondola then down a perfectly groomed upper Vagabond to Surprise. The bumps were not so soft and forgiving today, but the key to improving is to push yourself outside your comfort zone so I went for it and did OK.

Next the BC Chair and first tracks on the corduroy of lower Rainbow and down to the Storm Peak Chair and across to Morningside to catch some morning sun. I was feeling energetic so I even hiked up to Alarm Clock (below).

Unfortunately what looked from a distance like powder was crust so it wasn't really worth it, but I can use the exercise anyway.

I also took a couple of panaromic shots from the top. This one is looking north where you can see Wyoming on the horizon and that's the shadow of me taking the photo in the bottom left.

This one is looking east.

And this is the Storm Peak Laboratory where the Desert Research Institute does atmospheric research. Yes this is some very lucky person's office at 10,500ft above sea level!

After that I took The Ridge to Buddy's and Tornado Lane. Back to the Storm Peak Chair and then across to High Noon and Sunshine Lift Line where I did some high speed carved turns. Back up the Sunshine Chair then High Noon to upper Two O'Clock, along Duster and then down lower Three O'Clock.

Next to the Elkhead Chair and down Elkhead Lift Line and back up the same chair to the bumps of Norther, across Rudi's to Vagabond, down Surprise to the BC Chair to do that again, but this time I continued down Vagabond to BC Skiway and home.

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mark said...

Love your blog. My wife and I are moving to Steamboat later this year and neither of us can wait to get there.

Anyway, thought I'd drop a note and let you know you've got some readers (and soon, new neighbors!). :)