Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cultural imperialism? No worries

A lot of people around the world worry that with the dominance of American television, films and businesses their cultures will somehow become "Americanised".

But the shrinking world is a two way street (there's a mixed metaphor!) Parents in America worry that their kids will pick up Aussie accents from The Wiggles*, Aussies are invading Hollywood, and now I'm noticing a few American's saying "no worries" and friends who work at our local college say it's widespread amongst the students.

Clearly it's time to launch my campaign to reintroduce "fortnight" into American English to replace the confusing and inelegant "bi-weekly". Then it's on to four weeks annual vacation, driving on the left and playing Aussie Rules...

* They shouldn't worry. Aussie kids have largely been unaffected by watching Sesame Street, apart from the occasional pronunciation of the last letter of the alphabet as "zee" instead of "zed", but we quickly beat that out of them once they start school.

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