Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Getting high

I normally get my high from skiing but today I got a whiff on the gondola - some young guys in my car were smoking something and it wasn't tobacco.

We only had a couple of inches of new snow overnight, but the snow cats were busy last night so almost everything was groomed. I started out with a run down Rudi's, Blizzard and Ego while waiting for the Express chairs to open at 9am. After riding the BC chair I got first tracks on Sunnyside. Perfect corduroy with 2-3 inches of powder on top so you could clearly see your signature in the snow. Smooth, sinuous, seductive curves. Skiing as a form of artistic expression. Poetry in motion. Awesome.

After that I circulated on the Sundown Express while taking care of the nicely groomed afternoon hours (Three O'Clock, Two O'Clock, One O'Clock) in the morning. Then a traverse across to Storm Peak and Rainbow to the Storm Peak Express followed by upper Buddy's, Big Meadow and Tornado Lane.

Today's a working day so as much as I would liked to have stayed out and played in the quickly accumulating new snow, it was time to head back in. BC Chair to Norther where I absolutely nailed the third set of bumps, across Rudi's to upper Vagabond then a quick run down Betwixt and Shortcut just in time for the Green line bus home.

I'm hoping it keeps snowing all day and tonight and we get a full on powder day tomorrow.

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