Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snowing again

The report at 5 am said three inches, but it starting snowing harder after that, so it was more like six inches by the time I hit the mountain around 10.30 am. A cold front is moving down from Canada and is meant to bring more snow over the next few days. It's snowing big fat soft flakes right now and forecast to increase in intensity tonight but at the moment it's still surprisingly warm at 32F/0C.

The trees to skier's right of Tornado were particularly good today. Kuus' Cruise and Sundown Liftline were also nice; a little wind blown, but consistently so, meaning the crust was predictable and therefore wasn't that hard to ski (especially on the fat boys).

Here's today's track. 12,924 vertical ft (season total 426,560 ft) in 2:12.

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