Saturday, January 02, 2010

Powder from nowhere

Today was a bonus day. The forecast yesterday was for snow later today and when I looked out the window at 4 am this morning and saw no new snow, it seemed to be confirmed, so I went back to sleep only to be completely surprised to see six inches of fresh when I got up at 8:45; and it was still snowing hard!

Today wasn't an epic powder day, but it was a powder day nevertheless. The trees between Rainbow and Sunset were particularly good, but my best run of the day was the (soft, powdery) bumps of Surprise which I skied almost perfectly.

I skied today with my Aussie friend Nicole who has only just arrived back from Australia and was therefore a little slow, and a local friend Big Al who is in his 70's but still skiing strong.

Here's today's track. 13,803 vertical ft (season total 372,727 ft) in 3:15.

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