Sunday, January 24, 2010

The powder arrives

My best mate Michael arrived from Australia yesterday and eight inches of fresh (and still snowing) arrived last night with him.

We met the Aussie pilots at the gondola at 8:15. Via Rudi's to Four Points first up and down to Cyclone which was nice, and then across to Pony Express since the Storm Peak Express was closed due to ice.

Longhorn first up was excellent (apart from a couple of spots where all the powder had been blown off the ice) but Royal Flush was a little too bumpy for the snowboarders in the group so we cut across Nash Junction to the Bar-UE chair. Deep wind-blown drifts of powder in Triangle 3 were so nice we had to go back to seconds.

We then decided to hit the other side of the mountain. Priest Creek liftline and the trees to skiers' left were totally sweet, but by then most of the group were tired so we decided to leave some fuel in the tank for tomorrow which is looking like another powder day.

Here's today's track. 15,233 vertical ft (season total 698,381 ft) in 4:08.

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