Friday, January 08, 2010

Forget about Yemen

After the Christmas Day bomber it seems the focus is now on Yemen as the safe haven for terrorists.

Well it's not Yemen I'm worried about; it's those damn Canadians to the north of us. If Canada Geese bringing down US Airways Flight 1549 didn't alert us, those Canadians sending us their frigid air once again really ought to ring some alarm bells; it was -17F/-27C at 6 am this morning!

I waited until noon to head out, by which time it was 10F/-12C; with the sun out and no wind it seemed quite bearable, until I came back inside and my face began to thaw. Only then did I feel it. But at least the snow was still awesome today. One O'Clock was the best run.

Here's today's track. 13,049 vertical ft (season total 454,480 ft) in 1:48 (plus a 35 minute stop for lunch with Marie, her Mum and sister who came up in the gondola for a look around and to take some pics).

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