Monday, January 25, 2010

More powder

Today was a a powder day again, which took me completely by surprise because the report at 5 am said four inches in the past 24 hours and I'm sure at least that much feel during the day yesterday. Fortunately we were at the gondola early anyway.

Once we got into the trees it was knee deep all over the place with the occasional waist deep wind ridge, especially on The Ridge, 2:30 trees and Triangle 3. Skier's left of Tornado was great as was skier's left of Hurricane and skier's right of Sundown Liftline. But the best run of the day was first tracks on Buddy's; four inches on top of a perfect groomer is like flying.

Today was also day 61 for this season which is significant because the most days I've managed in a season to date is 60 in 2005-06.

Here's today's track. 16,372 vertical ft (season total 714,753 ft) in 3:40.

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