Monday, March 01, 2010

March begins well

Like last Thursday, the snow report today said four inches and that seemed about right but it was still an awesome morning on the mountain.

I didn't get out until around 8:45 am but there was nobody about, so my first run down Twister at 9:15 was freshies all the way, as was my next run down Triangle 3/Bar-UE liftline, and even the one after that through Closet which was sweet. But the best runs of the day were to come; Sundown Liftline and then twice through 2:30 trees which were skiing much deeper than four inches.

On top of that I skied some great bumps on the way home including Norther and Mother Nature, both of which I nailed.

Here's today's track. 15,194 vertical ft (season total 1,247,727 ft) in 2:14.

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