Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another four

It seems to be the pattern this season for the 5am report to say four inches. But it's been snowing all morning so it was more than that, especially on north facing slopes. So I was at the gondola at 8:20 expecting good things and I wasn't disappointed.

Here's today's track. I thought I'd try something different and number the runs in the order I skied them.

1. Norther - first tracks
2. Four Points Liftline - first tracks
3. Triangle 3 and Typhoon - freshies
4. Shadows - freshies but a little dust on crust on the lower half
5. Kuus' Cruise - like Shadows
6. 2:30 trees to skiers' right (or 2:45 trees if you like) - lots more freshies
7. 2:30 trees to skiers' left (or 2:15 trees) - even more freshies
8. Tress to skiers' right of Rolex - more freshies and closer to eight inches than four
9. BC liftline - awesome powder bumps
10. Whiteout - even more awesome powder bumps
11. Home via the top of Whiteout and trees to skiers' right of middle Vagabond.

Hard to pick the best run, but I think #10 wins simply because this was the the best I have ever skied Whiteout, but Rolex trees come very, very close.

Compared to yesterday's abysmal effort, total vertical today was 18,620 ft for a season total of 1,387,565 vertical ft.

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