Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Living here in Steamboat and skiing regularly you get pretty good at judging the weather and what you should wear. At least most of the time. Occasionally, like today, you get it wrong. Badly wrong. I was so under-dressed today that miserable would be the only word to describe the feeling. Combined with the fact that the snow wasn't great I pulled the plug after a mere 45 minutes.

How did I get it so wrong. Well it was very warm yesterday, and despite the fact that I was dressed lightly I still cooked, so sub-consciously I was reacting to that experience despite the fact that it was overcast rather than sunny today. And the weather changed while I was heading up the mountain, so by the time I reached the top it was shrouded in a cold, damp fog.

Here's today's track. 5,310 vertical ft (season total 1,368,945 ft). That's my lowest vertical since December 7.

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