Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No April Fool

Today's report is going to be so glowing that if I had posted it yesterday you'd be forgiven for thinking it was some sort of April Fools joke.

By now we should be in full on Spring skiing mode - crusty mornings, slushy afternoons, sunscreen and t-shirts. Instead we had nearly two feet of new snow on Sunday and Monday, with another couple of inches Monday night and last night to keep it fresh, plus mild temperatures and lots of cloud cover which have kept the snow in perfect condition.

And the tourists have left so we have it all to ourselves this week. I arrived at the gondola around 8.28 am and was number five in the singles line!

So here's today's track.

I missed the best of the snow earlier in the week since I've been out of action with a chest cold, but I found some great stashes in the trees and foot deep untracked powder on No Names - expert (double black diamond) terrain that you can only get to by walking up the last 200 feet tends to keep the people away. I usually don't bother with these runs - it takes too much time (and energy) that could be used skiing other great runs - but today it was absolutely worth it.

One thing I find amazing about my GPS unit is how accurate it is. Check it out tracking me inside the Four Points Hut as I stop for a snack and a rest. Actually, that's a bit Big Brotherish isn't it?

Finally, the stats:

Vertical ft: 17,992
Maximum speed: 42.1 mph
Distance skied: 14.61 miles
Time skiing: 1:10:40
Time stopped: 1:14:19 (no lift lines at all, just resting!)
Time riding lifts: 54:30

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