Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hopeless Heathrow

I commented previously on the hopelessness of London's major airports and Heathrow in particular.

The airport operator, BAA, and its largest tenant, British Airways, have been responding to criticism with what amounts to "Terminal 5 will fix it."

So, all well and good because Terminal 5 opened today...and drum roll please maestro... the end of the day passengers were being told not to check any baggage.

Looks like you don't get much for £4.3 billion these days.

Work? You wanted it to work guv? Well why didn't you bleedin well say so?

But the Queen was there to open it, so that's OK isn't it?

I know the Brits can be a bit tradition bound, but here's a hint for them - less ceremony, more testing!

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