Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fat skis and Spring slush

I took my fat skis out today thinking they might be fun in the Spring slush. The verdict? Guilty!

Here's today's track.

I tried Pioneer Ridge today for the first time (other than on a powder day) in two seasons. The run below the lift was particularly good.

Of course I did at least one of my favourite tree runs as well, in this case Shadows/Lights Out, as well as Kuus' Cruise (Priest Creek lift line).

Finally home via my favourite route, which I've described before but not illustrated like this, namely Oops and Vertigo.


Vertical ft: 13,208
Maximum speed: 33.7 mph
Distance skied: 10.62 miles
Time skiing: 51:36
Time stopped: 20:33 (no lift lines at all, just breathing)
Time riding lifts: 54:30

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