Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crying into your beer

Some good news today, it seems Colorado is about to repeal its laws preventing liquor sales on Sundays.

This law is only moderately inconvenient - once you know about it you can plan ahead - but inconvenient it still is. And more importantly it's just plain wrong. Nothing but small business owners wanting government to let them get away with not serving their customers. Listen to this local liquor store owner:

“It went just fine without being open on Sundays,” said Ted Heid, who owns Southside Liquors. “I thought, ‘What a business to be in; I have football Sunday off.’"

He's speaking the language of special interests so let me translate. What he actually means is this:

"I don't want to survive by giving my customers the service they want, and I want the government to prevent my competitors from providing them the service that I won't."

My response to Mr Heid is simple. Take Sundays off. And Mondays to Saturdays while you're at it.

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