Monday, April 07, 2008

Season summary

I promised yesterday to provide a summary of my 2007-08 season. So here it is.

The obvious place to start is with our record breaking 489 inches of snow, well ahead of the previous record of 447.5 inches. So as I anticipated three weeks ago, I can now say I lived and skied in Steamboat during the biggest season ever! I could be bragging about this to newcomers for the next 20 years...

For various reasons, including the late opening, some travel and some unexpected surgery, I only managed 33 days (although I did think at one stage that I was finished at 24 days).

But what a fantastic 33 days they were including this powder day before Christmas when I skied so hard I could barely get out of bed the next morning, my best day ever on January 10, my best week ever in early February on my new fat skis, this unexpected bonus powder day in mid-March after I'd recovered from my surgery, and finally powder days right in to April in the season where Spring never came.

And finally, this season I introduced GPS tracking. Here's a consolidated track from the last eight days of skiing. Next year I should be able to produce a track of every single run for the season which should cover pretty much every piece of this wonderful mountain!

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