Monday, February 05, 2007

Get it before it melts

After last week's bitter cold, today and the next few days are expected to be quite warm - right now it's in the high 30's (F) and the forecast high for tomorrow is 40F. So my goal today was to ski some nice packed powder before too much of it melts.

My best run of the day was definitely Rolex - I skied the bumps at quite a brisk pace, with a tight line and was fluid and smooth all the way through and only stopped once to catch my breath. I could barely have imagined being able to ski bumps like this three years ago!

Here's the map of today's runs for a total of 11,468 vertical ft and a season total of 267,517 vertical ft (or 26.8% of my season goal of skiing one million vertical ft). Not a big day but I've got so much work to do right now that I couldn't really stay out any longer.

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