Saturday, February 24, 2007

Face freeze

That's what happens when you spend the morning skiing 18 inches of fresh dry powder. Face shots here, there and everywhere is a surefire recipe for a frozen chin!

We had a late night last night, so even though I set the alarm for 7 am I didn't roll out of bed until 8.20 am and then when I saw 13 inches on the report I panicked! My wife kindly dropped me at the Thunderhead Express around 9.30 am and I shouldn't have worried because there was more than enough powder to go around (and several more inches fell during the morning).

I began with a few circuits on Pioneer Ridge which I've mostly avoided this season due to insufficient snow. But today it was divine, especially some of the lines through the aspens below Fetcher Glade. Only five days ago I skied the same stuff like a dog.

Once I exhausted those possibilities it was back over to my favourite hangout - the trees on the Priest Creek face. I skied a really aggressive Closet/Shadows run with Eric from Boston before continuing with Twilight, 3.30 trees and Sundown Liftline.

After that I decided my legs needed something a little easier so I explored some of my favourite stashes in 'Wally World' where there was plenty of deep and untracked snow. And then eventually my rational mind told me "getting (really) tired, time to go home" while the inner child was screaming "I want to play in the powder some more!" The rational mind won out. I am 43 years old after all!

Here's the map of today's runs for a total of 22,824 vertical ft and a season total of 405,465 vertical ft (or 40.5% of my season goal of skiing one million vertical ft).

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