Monday, March 06, 2006

Waiting for the snow

More spring skiing today while we wait for a front to move through tonight or tomorrow which should bring some fresh snow.

It was a little overcast today but still quite warm and very uncrowded. I started with Wally World which gets the morning sun and was already quite soft by 10 am before moving around to Westside, which was a lot better than I expected, then over to Storm Peak and Rainbow.

I then circulated on the BC chair for a bit while polishing my bumps technique on Norther, which was a little firm on the first run but softened nicely by the third, and Surprise, which was surprisingly slushy at the top. I also threw in Vagabond and the Thunderhead Express before meeting my wife and Leonie at Stokers in the gondola building. Something we discovered today - if you come up as a foot passenger on the gondola your $9 ticket gets you a $9 discount at the on mountain restaurants (Stokers, Hazie's or Ragnar's - but not the cafeteria).

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