Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Powder with a bluebird chaser

Day 54 of my 2005-06 ski season and after yesterday's awesome powder, today was a totally beautiful bluebird day. I skied with my wife today and I found plenty of stashes of knee-deep, fresh powder in the trees to the sides of the runs she likes to ski.

We started with 15 minutes in the gondola line having waited like everyone else until mid-morning to head out so it would be a little warmer. From Thunderhead we took Rudi's and Blizzard to the Four Points Chair then Rainbow and Moonlight to the Storm Peak Express.

A run down the Sunshine Liftline (or for me, through the trees to the side) was enticing, but the Sunshine Chair was trying out for the title of world's slowest chairlift today so we dropped into Morningside and up the chair to Crow Track, upper Buddy's, Calf Roper and Rainbow again where I found some great powder in the aspens between Nelson's and upper Rainbow.

A traverse across Rudi's to upper Vagabond and then my wife took Why Not while I explored the powder in the trees between the switchbacks before heading home via the Green Line bus.

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