Monday, March 13, 2006

An epic powder Monday

I've talked before about powder Mondays but today was the best of them. The report at 5 am said 15 inches of fresh snow but it was closer to twenty. Not as much snow as Monday 28 November 2005 but I was much better prepared for this one in terms of my fitness and my powder skiing ability.

It was little busier than the typical Monday due to all the Spring Break visitors in town, but I was still at the top of the Gondola by 8.50 am. Rudi's and Blizzard were already chopped up by then but my next run from the top of the Storm Peak Express down Triangle 3 and then Bar-UE Liftline was first tracks with a constant face shot all the way!

From there it was Drop Out to Pioneer Ridge where I did several circuits and skied some great lines and then back through Nash Junction to the trees to the skier's left of Vortex and then the Storm Peak Express again. From there I moved to Priest Creek and the world's best tree skiing where I did Closet/Shadows/Lights Out, the trees between the Priest Creek Liftline and Three O'Clock, a great run through lots of fresh lines in Twilight and finally Closet.

At that point my legs were shot and it was time to head home via the trees to the skier's left of Moonlight to the Elkhead Chair then Heavenly Daze/Ted's Ridge down to the Bashor Chair and then finally down See Ya.

The total vertical in just under three hours was 20,000 ft. I've had a couple of (slightly) bigger days but only when I've stayed out much longer. Definitely my best day this season - so far (I added that qualifier so as to avoid jinxing the rest of the season!) There is nothing like floating through knee deep Champagne Powder gliding between the aspen trees. It's surreal.

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