Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sundown Express opens

I decided to head out early today even though there was no new snow overnight. I was motivated by the news that the Sundown Express would open at 9 am for the first time this season opening up a whole lot of new terrain.

I arrived at the Gondola just as it started loading at 8.30 am and was only about fifth in the singles line. I was first skier down Vagabond which I took whilst waiting for the Sundown Express to open; it was beautiful virgin corduroy.

Riding the Sundown Express I could see that we are probably two decent storms (or one really big one) away from having enough snow to ski my favourite tree runs (Shadows and Closet) but I was still happy to have something new to try. After a quick shot down High Noon (peak speed 46.7 mph according to my GPS) I decided to try the ungroomed Rolex. Big mistake. Two feet of cement - the heaviest snow I think I've ever skied in Steamboat.

A little later I decided to head over the other side to the Storm Peak Express, which turned out to be a great idea. Buddy's was beautifully groomed and was deserted - everyone had headed over to High Noon!

Here's today's track. Without really trying I put in the biggest day so far this season; 14,590 vertical ft (season total 162,841 ft) in 1:59.

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