Monday, December 14, 2009

Not epic but...

Today wasn't one of those epic Steamboat powder days but 7 inches on top of yesterday's 4 inches made it the best day of the season so far.

I was in the gondola lift line around 8:15 and was surprised to only be about 20th in line. So I managed first tracks on BC liftline and freshies in a couple of other places.

I also ventured into my favourite place - the trees - for the first time this season; not deep in the trees because there's not enough snow to properly cover all the hazards, but just into the open glades above and to skier's left of Cyclone. Knowing where to avoid the bad stuff is as much a benefit of local knowledge as knowing where to find the good stuff!

Here's today's track. 11,164 vertical ft (season total 131,892 ft) in 2:05 (including 15 minutes pressing glass at the gondola!)

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