Monday, December 28, 2009

Knee jerk reaction

That's the only way to describe the TSA's response to the latest attempt to blow up an aircraft, with the emphasis on the jerk part of knee-jerk. Banning blankets on laps during the last hour of the flight because that's when this nut decided to set himself alight is as dumb a response as one can imagine. If this guy had tried to blow up a baseball stadium whilst buying a hot dog during the first innings, would it make sense to ban the purchase of hot dogs during the first innings at future baseball games? It makes as much sense as this.

I travel a lot. I'm willing to live with the minuscule risks associated with not adding any more inconveniences to the process and more importantly, I refuse to let terrorists win by being terrorised. Too bad our Homeland Security overlords don't understand that basic principle.

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