Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March madness

A storm blew into the valley last night, quite late since we'd already gone to bed, and dumped a foot of fresh powder on our mountain. So today was a full on powder day, with surprisingly light snow for mid-March.

As usual on a powder day I started with a few circuits off the Pony Express before moving across to Storm Peak Express. The one bad thing today? The wind. It was bitterly cold at the top of the mountain, so after warming up with a hot choc in the Four Points hut we decided to ride the Four Points chair which is old and slow but also sheltered from the worst of the wind. And I'm glad we did because we found some wonderful untracked snow in the trees between Nelson's Run and Twister and between Twister and Hurricane.

After that, it was across to the Sundown Express to try Twilight which was fantastic, and a couple of runs off to skier's left of Sunnyside before the legs gave out completely.

Total vertical of 18,890 ft.

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