Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Almost powder

By the standards of late March, and compared to the weather we've been having the past week with maximum temperatures around 60F (16C), today was pretty close to a powder day with the temperature around freezing and 5 inches of fresh snow overnight.

That's not enough snow to cover up the hard pack on the groomed runs, but certainly enough in the trees, especially if you picked the spots where the wind usually blows the snow into deeper drifts. So today that meant Triangle 3, Shadows and two slightly different runs through Twilight (2:20 and 2:40 trees if you like).

Rolex was terrible - a thin covering of snow in big, ugly, crusty bumps, but I found a glade of aspens to skier's right of the bottom half of Rolex that I've never skied before for some reason and it was pretty good.

Fortunately the forecast is for it continue snowing tonight, so there's a decent chance of a real powder day tomorrow.

Here's today's track. Something went screwy with my GPS - the additional corrected track is in yellow, and ignore the track circled in magenta. Total vertical of approximately 13,000 ft.

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